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Do You Need Life Insurance? Mentally check all that apply to you.

□   I am married.

□   I have children.

□   Our family recently welcomed a new baby.

□   I am single, but I have dependents (a child or an elderly relative) who I support.

□   I am the sole breadwinner in my household.

□   I recently changed jobs.

□   My income has changed.

□   I recently bought a house.

□   I will pay for my children’s college education.

□   I own a business.

□   I am in debt.

□   My family has a history of illness, such as diabetes or heart disease.

□   I have trouble saving/investing money.

Types of Life Insurance (rollover for definition)

Types of Financial Products (rollover for definition)

*Ocala Insurance does not provide legal or tax advice. For specific legal or tax advice based on your situation, please contact your attorney of tax advisor.

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