Insurance for College Students?

Courtesy of iii.org With burglaries constituting approximately 50 percent of all on-campus crimes, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, it is more important than ever that college students and their parents review their insurance coverage. For students who live in a dorm, most personal possessions are covered under their parents’ homeowners or renters …

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Atlantic Hurricane Season

Courtesy of iii.org Dr. Phil Klotzbach, an atmospheric scientist at Colorado State University (CSU), and his team released their updated forecast for the 2019 Atlantic Hurricane season which began on June 1 and continues through November 30. The team adjusted their original forecast which predicted a slightly below average season, and now call for an …

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Check Your Smoke Alarm

Courtesy of iii.org Ah, spring! The season of renewal, of fresh beginnings, of flowers in bloom – and of fresh batteries in the smoke alarm. Yes, you probably overlooked that last item, so here’s a reminder to put it on the spring to-do list. Checking (and changing) the batteries in the smoke alarm is a …

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Tornado Facts and Safety

Courtesy of iii.org When atmospheric conditions are right, tornadoes can strike with little warning and cause grave amounts of damage in a very short time. These tips can help minimize your risk and keep you and your family safe. What is a tornado? A tornado—also known as a twister—is a violently rotating column of air …

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Facts on Distracted Driving

Courtesy of http://www.iii.org/fact-statistic/distracted-driving Activities that take drivers’ attention off the road, including talking or texting on cellphones, eating, conversing with passengers and other distractions, are a major safety threat. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) gauges distracted driving by collecting data on distraction-affected crashes, which focuses on distractions that are most likely to affect …

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