Animals Destroy Homes

Courtesy of iii.org You may have read the recent story featured in the I.I.I. Daily about raccoon damage and homeowners insurance. The gist: raccoons got into a house and caused $80,000 worth of damage. The homeowners were surprised to learn that their insurance wouldn’t cover any of it. So what’s the deal with animal damage …

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Working From Home-Stay Safe

Courtesy of iii.org Work from home arrangements necessitated by the coronavirus pandemic are predicted to become permanent for some employees as companies like Google contemplate ‘hybrid models‘ with more flexible work options. And though remote work is nothing new, an increase in the numbers of people working from home in the coming post-pandemic years is …

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Cold Weather Tips

Courtesy of iii.org Here in Florida, we experience somewhat milder winters, but don’t be caught unprepared when freezing temperatures strike. Ice, snow and wind can have devastating consequences to your home—and to your household budget. Fortunately, there are precautions you can take to avoid the expense and inconvenience of winter damage—and even help you save …

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Travel Insurance Tips

Courtesy of iii.org Anticipation that a COVID-19 vaccine – combined with social distancing, mask wearing, and other protective measures – may soon lead to increased travel revives our need to think about travel insurance. Even before COVID-19, travel insurance purchases were on the rise, but primarily for trip cancellation coverage – the very product that …

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Consumer Beware – After a Disaster

Courtesy of iii.org Natural disasters (such as a flood, earthquake, hurricane or tornado) sometimes invite another type of disaster: “Storm Chasers” who try to profit from others’ unfortunate circumstances. These profiteers take many forms – from workers posing as qualified contractors to “volunteers” trying to help only themselves to lawyers and public adjusters offering to …

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