Florida, You’ve Got Storms!

Courtesy of http://www.insuringflorida.org/florida-alert-5-days-into-hurricane-season-3-named-storms-already/

We have entered the 2016 hurricane season, and Florida is on alert for a tropical system. It’s the third named storm of the year, and did I mention we are only 5 days into hurricane season? Pay attention please. There has never been 3 storms named this early in the season, which began June 1 and continues through November 30. Keep track of things locally, through the national Weather Prediction Center or through state weather status updates from the Division of Emergency Management.

Complacency is the biggest threat to storm preparation. Maybe you don’t scare easily. Maybe you were well prepared every year since the storms of 2005 shook us up. But since then, many people have let their guard down, meaning they relaxed their vigilance. Consider this a reminder that it is time to ramp up your defenses. Here is a hurricane season checklist to put into action – now.

Is your insurance up to date? Have you talked with your insurer in the last year to make sure your coverage is up to date? If you rent, here’s a renter’s insurance checklist so you are protected if a storm blows through.

This storm is named Colin, and AccuWeather said it will likely track through northwestern Florida and race across the northern part of the state. Effects of this storm system are already being felt since it’s been raining in most locales all day today. Hopefully, it’s no big deal. And, hopefully, it can prove to get the attention of those who yawned at hurricane predictions over the past 10 years.

No one (ever) knows for sure what tomorrow brings. But if you know for sure that you have the basics covered, you’ll sleep better tonight.

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