Get Insurance Smart

Let’s say you bought something that cost an average $1,900 each year and never took the time to figure out how it works. If you knew that in just 20 minutes you’d have it figured out, would you invest the time?

Get Cheap insurance quotes

Investing time – and gaining confidence – in your insurance protection is exactly the point of the Insurance Information Institute’s new consumer email program. CHECK20 is an important new step in our mission to explain what insurance is and how it works. It’s easy, it’s free and its intent is to empower policyholders to be fully engaged in the insurance decisions affecting their family and finances.

When you sign up, you’ll get a newsletter every week offering tips on safety, preparedness and how to save money on insurance. The underlying current for this information is twofold: First is to have you spend 20 minutes each year reviewing your insurance coverage, and the second goal is to help you engage in a constructive dialogue annually with your Insurance Professional.

Knowing the basics of an insurance contract is vitally important. Your coverage is customized, and it must keep adapting to your current situation. It can’t do that stuck in a drawer somewhere. So pull it out, sign up for CHECK20, and be completely confident on your next chat with your insurance representative. courtesy of

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