Homeowners and Trees in Florida

Courtesy of iii.org

Florida summers means thunderstorms nearly every day. Most trees benefit from the daily drenching, except for the dead ones. They get deader, if that’s really a thing. Dead trees and diseased or damaged tree limbs can cause havoc on your property as summer rains root out (literally AND figuratively) the weak from the strong. Inspect your property and get rid of damage waiting to happen.

Look up. If your home is surrounded by tall pine trees, you might see one that looks more like a telephone pole. That is an obvious sign that it has passed its useful life. A tree without branches is not a tree anymore.

Some tree damage is not so obvious, so having a professional conduct a tree risk assessment will help identify structural problems. An arborist can tell you which trees are worth saving and which have to go.

If a tree falls on your house, you are covered by insurance, even if it is your neighbor’s tree. Insurance covers the cost of repairing the damage and removing the tree. If the tree does not hit an insured structure, there would generally be no insurance coverage. Check our video on trees and insurance for more information.

A stroll through your own backyard is a way to get back to nature – before a storm comes that may cause nature to get back at you.

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