Peak Hurricane Season in October

October in Florida means fall has officially arrived, according to the calendar. But not according to the temperature. There is no frost on the pumpkin. (It’s dew from the high humidity.)

Many people think that when the summer is over, it takes hurricane season with it. Nope. The National Hurricane Center says that peak hurricane season extends through late October. And, an article in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reiterates that by pointing out the 19 hurricanes that picked October to descend on Florida over the past 150 years.

I like this chart below from NOAA that looks like red-hot flames. It seems fitting since October is red hot for tropical storm activity. 

There are no storms brewing in the Atlantic now, and everyone is obviously thankful.

But Hurricane Season 2014 is not over yet.

Preparedness knows no season, so don’t let your guard down. 

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