Insurance Tips Direct to You

I think about insurance all the time; you probably don’t (unless you too work in the biz). Truth be told, there are probably 10,0000 other things you’d rather think about. But another truth is that thinking about insurance at least a few times a year is really worthwhile. And, there’s an easy, free way to keep coverage top of mind.

Sign up for our Check20 newsletters. There is no simpler way to be sure your insurance keeps up with you. We’ve got three distinct newsletters to deliver to your email inbox:

  • Home Insurance — published twice monthly with tips on saving money, home safety and disaster preparedness,
  • Auto Insurance — offering strategies for getting the most from your coverage and advice on safe driving habits, also sent twice a month, and
  • Financial Planning — a monthly update providing insight to help you plan for life stages and long-term financial well being.

Each provides straight-to-the-point tips to help you feel confident about insurance coverage decisions. Nothing to buy; no hidden agenda — except for this: The newsletter content is intended to encourage you to spend 20 minutes reviewing your insurance coverage. You’ll likely breeze through them in just a few minutes, and that’s perfect. If you want to dig deeper, the newsletters point you to more free information.

Our mission at the Insurance Information Institute is to improve public understanding of what insurance is and how it works. Part of that mission is to continually remind people that insurance is not a product you buy and put on the shelf. Your life is in motion, and insurance has to keep up.

Never say “fogetaboutit” on insurance. Forgetfulness can cost you. Thanks to

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