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Each year, the insurance industry comes together for the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation (IICF) Week of Giving. During this eight-day international and industry-wide initiative, insurance professionals complete volunteer projects in support of community nonprofit organizations.

The IICF is a nonprofit organization that unites the insurance industry in helping communities and enriching lives through grants, volunteer service and leadership. For more than 20 years, thousands of insurance industry volunteers representing their own companies work together in the spirit of industry camaraderie to serve local communities. These projects include partnerships with hundreds of nonprofits and charities, focused in the areas of early childhood literacy; homeless and veterans causes; support of women, children and families; food insecurity; child abuse prevention; beach, river and community park clean ups; disaster preparedness and safety; and other important programs. In 2016, a total of 8,500 industry volunteers, in 115 cities, participated in the IICF Week of Giving. More than 21,700 hours of service, dedicated to 400 projects, were completed with nonprofits and community organizations across the United States and United Kingdom.

The 2017 Week of Giving runs October 14 – 21. For more information— and to sign up as a volunteer —go to

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